The First Step to a Successful Loyalty Program

pink-loyalty-cards-_0I like to think that many people can relate when I say that I have about 10 loyalty cards sitting in my wallet for a plethora of different places. Either that, or I’m a crazy card hoarder. But the interesting part is that of these 10 or so cards, I am only actually loyal to one or two of them.

One of the big things companies don’t seem to be taking into consideration is that consumers are more likely to take advantage of its loyalty program if they can get through the registration process with little to no effort. Programs like Loblaws’ PC Plus require each user to go online to create their account in order to be able to redeem any of their points. Understandably, this is part of the development of the customer database, but its pushing away a large amount of its consumers.

Being a Loblaws cashier myself, it is my job to push and promote the PC Plus cards to customers. There are many cases when a customer has gotten a card, then handed it back to me after hearing what is required of them. Not only is there the one time registration, but the customer has to make a weekly commitment to download their offers in order to receive a majority of their points. Which to anybody my age is no big deal, but to the 45+ market, it is a major inconvenience.

I think this is one situation where the KISS principle should definitely apply. Giving consumers a simpler option allows for a larger group of truly loyal customers who you can count on to return to your business. Sure, you may need to work harder to grow that database, but when considering that 80% of a company’s business comes from 20% of its customers, it is important to focus on current customers before new ones.

Why Mobile Marketing Can’t be Ignored

mobileI think it’s safe to say that it’s no secret that technology is the way of the future, especially mobile. As marketers, mobile trends are something that can be of incredible value when it comes to targeting the continuously growing audience that is tech users. With most people today leading busy lifestyles, it is important to be able to catch them on the go. Continue reading

Are You Clark Enough?

I’m sure most men will agree with me when I say that there is nothing quite as irresistible as a beautiful woman speaking in a foreign language. Typical, right? As overused as sex in advertising may seem, Clark Chocolate Bites has taken something seemingly cliché and made it into what I consider pure genius. Before I go on, check out the first half of this two part advert. Continue reading

Mini Cooper’s Haunted Countryman

By Andrea Bedford

A sneak peek at what's to come in this commercial!

A sneak peek at what to expect in this commercial!
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The Spot: A couple is being chased by a masked man when they finally make it safely back to their vehicle, a Mini Countryman. The masked man suddenly gets in the back seat and begins to scream as if he is afraid. Next you see another masked man, this time with a chainsaw, who then opens the trunk, sets his chainsaw in, and proceeds to also get into the back seat. He too begins screaming and points out the front window to a group of young pageant girls running toward them as they speed off.

Click here to watch the commercial for yourself. Continue reading


To children, there is nothing worse than unloading their bag of Halloween treats that they worked all night for, only to find an apple and a couple boxes of raisins. Although all of the sugar that comes with trick-or-treating can be harmful to our teeth, Crest Toothpaste wants us all to know that it’s okay to indulge. As long as it’s followed by a good brush, you can spoil yourself rotten! (Not literally of course.) Continue reading