Why Mobile Marketing Can’t be Ignored

Mobile Marketing

I think it’s safe to say that it’s no secret that technology is the way of the future, especially mobile. As marketers, mobile trends are something that can be of incredible value when it comes to targeting the continuously growing audience that is tech users. With most people today leading busy lifestyles, it is important to be able to catch them on the go. Continue reading


Instagram Branding


Although to users it feels like Instagram has been around forever, many companies are just starting to realize its potential. With 150 million people active on the photo sharing site each month, this can be a prime way for a company to reach its target, if done properly.

A recent example of Instagram branding done right is from the Toronto Silent Film Festival. In order to bring in a younger crowd of 18-24 year olds, they started a series of Instagram flip books of famous silent films. Check it out!

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Fun with Feedly

Recently I’ve been introduced to the lovely world of Feedly. If you’re like me and have never heard of it before now, Feedly is a website that compiles news feeds from a variety of online sources of your choosing. It is a great way to organize sources and keep up to date with things of interest.

As a class assignment this week, we were asked to create a Feedly account and put it to good use. After choosing a few sources that I thought would be helpful and putting them into categories, I chose two advertisements that I wanted to critique.

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Mini Cooper’s Haunted Countryman

A sneak peek at what's to come in this commercial!

The Spot: A couple is being chased by a masked man when they finally make it safely back to their vehicle, a Mini Countryman. The masked man suddenly gets in the back seat and begins to scream as if he is afraid. Next you see another masked man, this time with a chainsaw, who then opens the trunk, sets his chainsaw in, and proceeds to also get into the back seat. He too begins screaming and points out the front window to a group of young pageant girls running toward them as they speed off.

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Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 10.53.27 PM

To children, there is nothing worse than unloading their bag of Halloween treats that they worked all night for, only to find an apple and a couple boxes of raisins. Although all of the sugar that comes with trick-or-treating can be harmful to our teeth, Crest Toothpaste wants us all to know that it’s okay to indulge. As long as it’s followed by a good brush, you can spoil yourself rotten! (Not literally of course.) Continue reading