“Carried” Away!

One week from today will mark the release date of the remake of the classic horror movie CarrieCarrie is a 1976 film based off of the Steven King novel by the same name. In the original film, a 17 year old girl named Carrie, obviously, discovers her telekinetic powers and is forced to use them the night of her prom after her classmates pull a terrible prank.

A recent publicity stunt performed in a New York City coffee shop is proving to be nothing short of genius. After filling the cafe with cameras, remote controlled tables, a series of pulleys and a group of actors they opened it up to the public and let the show begin! When a man knocks a coffee onto the girls computer, she completely freaks out and starts making crazy things happen. For internet viewers it was quite entertaining, but judging by the looks on the customers faces, it was no picnic for them.

Carrie movie poster from 1976. Picture courtesy of iceposter.com
The Carrie movie poster from 1976.
Picture courtesy of iceposter.com

Watching this video really got me thinking about something we talked about in Tom Brennan’s Media and Culture class. When discussing the 1938 War of the Worlds BroadcastTom mentioned how illogical the whole situation was, but people believed it out of fear and panic. I find this to be the same situation. I’m sure many of the real customers walked in that day not believing in telekinesis and yet found themselves jumping in fear. This could be a very effective marketing strategy for companies in a sense that the element of surprise can make people believe things that they otherwise wouldn’t.

Although we all know that remakes are almost never as good as the original, I definitely want to see this movie. If the production of the movie is as good as this prank, I’ll be more than pleased!


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  1. There was a great article in the Globe and Mail last month investigating the risks involved in prank advertising. It’s an interesting issue. Thanks for sharing.

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