To children, there is nothing worse than unloading their bag of Halloween treats that they worked all night for, only to find an apple and a couple boxes of raisins. Although all of the sugar that comes with trick-or-treating can be harmful to our teeth, Crest Toothpaste wants us all to know that it’s okay to indulge. As long as it’s followed by a good brush, you can spoil yourself rotten! (Not literally of course.)

Instead of telling us to cut back on the sweets like most dentists do, Crest merely tells us that we can trust this product to get the job done. From what I’ve learned in Kathy Pattersons marketing class, this is the negative appeal technique, one of the 8 appeal techniques used in advertising. This approach consists of putting someone or something in a bad situation and making the product the “hero”. In this case, Crest saves children everywhere from getting tofu ghost-mallows in their treat bag this year.

I think the temper tantrum we witness at the end of the commercial says it all. Halloween just isn’t the same without the candy. Now, if only Crest had a product to prevent the sugar rush that comes with it, even the parents could enjoy!


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  1. rmaybee8 says:

    Hilarious! These kids should be on every product test panel. The video results would be great. Thanks for the laugh, Andrea.

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