Are You Clark Enough?

I’m sure most men will agree with me when I say that there is nothing quite as irresistible as a beautiful woman speaking in a foreign language. Typical, right? As overused as sex in advertising may seem, Clark Chocolate Bites has taken something seemingly cliché and made it into what I consider pure genius. Before I go on, check out the first half of this two part advert.

Pretty sexy, right? She’s tall, thin and beautiful. What more could a man ask for in a commercial? Except maybe a translation. For that, I have to send you to the Are You Clark Enough? website. Follow the link, flip the switch next to the video, then come back here and we can discuss your newly bruised ego. Also, for any ladies, I hope you have as good of a laugh as I did!

Now that you’re fully aware that what she said was far from sexy, let me tell you why this ad works. One word, positioning. Although the commercial has nothing to do with the chocolate itself, Clark has now placed it in the minds of their target audience, probably males 18-24, that they should associate its chocolate with beautiful women. Clark will be remembered in the minds of the consumer as the sexiest chocolate around. And of course we all know, sex sells.

My results from the "Man Test".
My results from the “Man Test”.

And men, if you’re still feeling a little emasculated, be sure to check out the Man Test on the Clark website. It’s sure to give you the ego boost you need. Judging by my results, it’s pretty accurate.


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  1. Awesome finale, Andrea.

  2. abedford14 says:

    Thank-you, Frank! I think this is my favourite post yet.

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