Fun with Feedly

Recently I’ve been introduced to the lovely world of Feedly. If you’re like me and have never heard of it before now, Feedly is a website that compiles news feeds from a variety of online sources of your choosing. It is a great way to organize sources and keep up to date with things of interest.

As a class assignment this week, we were asked to create a Feedly account and put it to good use. After choosing a few sources that I thought would be helpful and putting them into categories, I chose two advertisements that I wanted to critique.

The sources that I’m currently following on my Feedly include:

The two advertisements that I chose to critique are compliments of my first source, Ads of the World.

Jamaican me Crazy


Ad2Considering the overall idea for the ad, I found it to be incredibly well thought out and pretty darn clever. The mix of humor and romanticism is very well targeted toward a female audience. The unique use of visuals makes a person stop and look at it for that little bit longer, drawing them in and capturing the reader’s attention.

The use of warm colours gives off a tropical and welcoming feel, as a Jamaican ad should. Warm colours tend to reflect passion, happiness, enthusiasm and energy, which are perfect for not only advertising Jamaica, but incorporating the marriage aspect as well.

Although the idea was well thought out, there is very little use of hierarchy in the text. The main focus of the text being “Jamaica” is definitely larger and darker than the rest of the text, which makes it stand out more, but the rest of the copy appears kind of sloppy. There is variation in size but it doesn’t emphasize anything in particular, and the layout of the text doesn’t seem as though there was much thought put into it.

There is definitely an absence of alignment in the copy of this ad. Almost all of the text is slightly or fully off to the right side, which makes it feel kind of off balance. The writing at the top also has zero alignment. It comes across as kind of disorganized and harder to read.

The general idea for this ad was very well done in my eyes, but there a few things I think could have made it better.

Transit Trouble


This series of advertisements is something I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing around Kingston! Some people just lose all common courtesy as soon as they step onto a bus.  I find these ads incredibly creative and interesting to look at. The mix of real and fake people creates an interesting contrast that keeps your attention. This is something that is vastly ignored so I am all for these ads.

The whole point of these ads are to highlight the proper behaviour of the everyday transit-user. That’s why I think green was the perfect choice for the dominant colour. We often associate green with good or correct, which is the impression they were trying to give off. With the lack of colour in the rest of the ad, the pop of colour really makes the message stand out and draws a reader in.

There is most definitely a good use of hierarchy with the copy in this advert. The overall subject is dominantly at the top in the largest and the only coloured text. Below that they included a slightly smaller title for the good Samaritan, followed by a much smaller description of what he does to earn such a title. Although the call to action could have been a little larger, overall the hierarchy in this text was well done.

The alignment of the text is also well done. It looks organized and well placed. Almost all of the top text aligns perfectly at the left. The positioning of the two bodies is also aligned making the whole thing seemed rather balanced, even if most of the important stuff is slightly off to the right.

Overall I found this ad to be really effective and well executed.


One Comment Add yours

  1. rbgiuliani says:

    Great analysis, great points about the jamaican ad… the text could be better done!

    I wish you had linked the other ads for the campaign as you mentioned it in the post 🙂

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