Although to users it feels like Instagram has been around forever, many companies are just starting to realize its potential. With 150 million people active on the photo sharing site each month, this can be a prime way for a company to reach its target, if done properly.

A recent example of Instagram branding done right is from the Toronto Silent Film Festival. In order to bring in a younger crowd of 18-24 year olds, they started a series of Instagram flip books of famous silent films. Check it out!

Now, obviously this was made before Instagram video was introduced, otherwise it wouldn’t seem as brilliant. The festival saw a record breaking number of people attend the event that year, which lead them to do something just as brilliant this year. The Instagram Time Machine, commemorating Charlie Chapman with a timeline of his 100 years on film, has put them on track to beat last years results!

Like any form of social media, it’s no longer effective to just have a presence and receive followers and likes. Companies need to think outside of the box and post memorable content that will not only catch their audiences attention, but keep it. With most of the younger generation’s attention span being that of a goldfish, this can be difficult, but when done properly, can be just what your business needs.


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