What Are Facebook Reactions and How Do They Affect Your Social Strategy?

The long awaited “dislike” option is finally coming to a newsfeed near you… But it’s not what you expected.

The newly introduced Facebook Reactions essentially offer Facebook users the opportunity to express more emotion, with less effort. This allows them to express an array of reactions with just one click. Instead of only having the option to either like or comment, the new reactions allow users to choose from “like”, “love”, “haha”, “yay”, “wow”, “sad”, or “anger”.

Obviously this gives Facebook’s many attention seekers more opportunity to get the reactions they crave, but what does this mean for your business?

A Decrease in Interaction

The biggest change that you are likely to see is a decrease in commenting and real interaction with your consumers. Because they no longer have to comment in order to express most opinions, this gives you less opportunity for your brand converse with its followers, and therefore distancing you from your consumer. This may be a stretch, but it is very well a possibility that you should be prepared for.

Opportunity for Creativity

This update can only affect your social strategy negatively if you let it. Use this as an opportunity to have fun with your followers, and get as many reactions as you can. Encourage your followers to react by asking questions, sharing relevant (and tasteful) controversial content, or even turning it into a game or contest.

As of now, this update is only being offered to users in select areas in Europe, which gives you time to start thinking of ways to incorporate it into your strategy, and have fun with it. Don’t let the importance of strategy scare you into hindering your creativity


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