Is This Missing Website Component Affecting Your Social Media Conversions?

Using social media as a way to direct your followers to your website is not uncommon. There they can find more information on your product or service, and in some cases even complete the buying process though eCommerce. But once the potential consumer is redirected to your website, whether it be through an ad, sponsored post, or an organic post, what do they see? Is it simply your home page? Or maybe your contact page?

Getting your followers to your site is just the beginning. Keeping them there, and better yet influencing them to take action, is where things can get tricky. High Click Through Rates are impressive, but essentially can mean nothing if your Bounce Rate is equally as high, and your Conversion Rates are low. This is where a landing page could become your new best friend.

If you are using your social media posts to encourage event attendance, a promotion, or maybe an exclusive offer, leading them straight to the sign-up page is an easy way to influence more participation. If consumers can eliminate the process of searching through website content in order to find what they need, they will. Often, you have only a few seconds to keep their attention before they bounce back off of the site. Unless the offer is impossible to pass up, and worth the effort, making it as accessible as possible is key to getting the results you’re looking for.

Here Hubspot gives a few excellent examples of effective landing pages.

Social media is a very powerful tool. Making sure you are effectively integrating your website into your social strategy will create a simple and streamlined process for your current and potential customers. This will ultimately encourage participation and increase social media conversions.



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