Urban Paws: A Content Developer’s Dream

Puppies… Kitties… What more could a content developer ask for, really? Developing this Content Marketing Plan for Kingston-local business Urban Paws was so much fun. As an animal lover myself I can admit to letting out an audible “awwww”, or two,  throughout the development phase.

The Client

Urban Paws is a premium brand, serving a huge selection of trendy pet accessories that are unique and fun. They offer a variety of natural supplements (promoting a healthy lifestyle for your pet) and the very best brands of food and treats. They have everything you need to pamper your furry best friend: beds, dishes, collars and adorable apparel.

The Problem

Currently, Urban Paws has a very minimal social presence. Although they have built a wealthy social following, and do a good job of sharing available products and content from other pages, there is a lack of original content that offers consumers something of value other than product information.

Which is where our Content Marketing Plan comes in.

The Tactics

For our plan we wanted to implement a number of different content types, in order to retain consumer attention. The base of this entire plan is the Pampered Paws Contest. Where followers share their cute/funny pet pictures and videos with us for a chance to win a day at the spa for them AND their pet. The idea was that this user generated content could then be used to produce other shareable content.

Facebook Image - Cat
Facebook Promo
Facebook Image
Facebook Promo
Landing Page
Website Landing Page

The biggest element was the video.

This would be one of many videos produced from the submitted content. Because these videos will contain footage of followers’ pets, this will increase the shareability factor considerably. Because lets face it, you can never share your pet’s fluffy little face too much.

Next was the incorporation of a blog to the business website.


The intent behind the blog was to position Urban Paws as a market leader, and provide online consumers with valuable and educational pet information. This is also a great way to show customers how important the well being of their pets is to Urban Paws. Blogs could cover a wide variety of topics such as pet how-to’s, “feel-good pieces” such as the one above, or lists of facts and important information.

Because memes and GIFs have taken over social feeds within the past year, we felt the incorporation of these into the plan would be an easy, and effective tactic. These will be produced from both user generated content as well as classic memes that will be made relevant to Urban Paws.








Daily trivia and opinion questions were also incorporated into this plan. We chose to do these as a visual element as well to increase levels of engagement. These will be done through photos such as the ones below to draw the attention of followers and encourage participation.

Question 2 Question 1






Lastly, we wanted to incorporate user generated store reviews, because we know how much of an impact this can have during the research phase of the buying cycle. Hearing how great Urban Paws is from Urban Paws itself is one thing. Hearing it from other consumers is another. To encourage consumers to write these reviews, a discount incentive will be offered for their next visit in exchange for any form of review. Even the negative ones. (But we doubt we’ll see many of those.) This not only increases the number of store reviews, but also encourages repeat business.

I must say, this has been one of my favourite assignments that I have completed in the last 2.5 years at St. Lawrence College, and I am really happy with how all of the content turned out. The biggest lesson I learned from creating this plan was the importance of pre-planning when it comes to content. Having an idea is a start, but taking the time to lay everything out, ensure it all makes sense and acts cohesively to present consumers with interesting and informative content makes for much more effective content.





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