Urban Paws: A Content Developer’s Dream

Puppies… Kitties… What more could a content developer ask for, really? Developing this Content Marketing Plan for Kingston-local business Urban Paws was so much fun. As an animal lover myself I can admit to letting out an audible “awwww”, or two,  throughout the development phase.

Snapchat: Good for More Than Just Selfies

Often, Snapchat is overlooked as an effective marketing tool for businesses. Because it is still so new, compared to veteran platforms like Facebook and Twitter, many marketers don’t fully understand it, and are overlooking the extreme potential that Snapchat has to offer.

Tell Me a (Brand) Story!

There’s something about a good book that makes us truly connect with it’s content. It resonates with us, and we often find ourselves thinking about it even long after the final page. The effects of a good story are impactful, and that is why brand storytelling is such an effective marketing tool.

What Are Facebook Reactions and How Do They Affect Your Social Strategy?

The long awaited “dislike” option is finally coming to a newsfeed near you… But it’s not what you expected. The newly introduced Facebook Reactions essentially offer Facebook users the opportunity to express more emotion, with less effort. This allows them to express an array of reactions with just one click.

Social Scheduling: Let ViralPost Worry About It

It doesn’t take a marketing guru to understand the importance of timing on Social Media. You’re obviously going to get more recognition at 4PM vs. 4AM, but what about all of the hours in between? Where do you start? Sprout Social has it down to a science.

The Information Interview: Your First Step Toward a Successful Career

Breaking down the wall between student and career person, and finally leaving the comfort of the classroom is no easy feat. You spend your college years sat behind a desk, taking in as much knowledge as you can, preparing yourself for your dream career. Graduation comes and goes before you know it, and you’re finally ready to…

The First Step to a Successful Loyalty Program

I like to think that many people can relate when I say that I have about 10 loyalty cards sitting in my wallet for a plethora of different places. Either that, or I’m a crazy card hoarder. But the interesting part is that of these 10 or so cards, I am only actually loyal to…

Why Mobile Marketing Can’t be Ignored

I think it’s safe to say that it’s no secret that technology is the way of the future, especially mobile. As marketers, mobile trends are something that can be of incredible value when it comes to targeting the continuously growing audience that is tech users. With most people today leading busy lifestyles, it is important…


  Although to users it feels like Instagram has been around forever, many companies are just starting to realize its potential. With 150 million people active on the photo sharing site each month, this can be a prime way for a company to reach its target, if done properly. A recent example of Instagram branding…

Fun with Feedly

Recently I’ve been introduced to the lovely world of Feedly. If you’re like me and have never heard of it before now, Feedly is a website that compiles news feeds from a variety of online sources of your choosing. It is a great way to organize sources and keep up to date with things of…

Are You Clark Enough?

I’m sure most men will agree with me when I say that there is nothing quite as irresistible as a beautiful woman speaking in a foreign language. Typical, right? As overused as sex in advertising may seem, Clark Chocolate Bites has taken something seemingly cliché and made it into what I consider pure genius. Before I…